Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Florida

Buying boat and watercraft insurance is a must for anyone who is planning to invest in these valuable investments. While you may be planning to spend the weekend on the lake or taking your watercraft out into the ocean, the first step to take is to contact the independent insurance agents at Coastal Premier Group Inc. for the coverage you need. Our team offers comprehensive boat and watercraft insurance designed to meet your individual needs.

What Type of Boat Insurance Do You Need?

Watercraft and boat insurance needs to provide a wide range of protections for you as the owner. The first component of these policies protects the value of the property itself. It may include protection against risks such as fires, theft, and vandalism. You may also benefit from obtaining a boat insurance plan designed to protect your investment from collisions and other accidents. You’ll want to work closely with our team of experienced boat insurance agents to customize your policy based on the boat’s value and the equipment that’s onboard.

Most boat owners also need liability insurance. This type of boat coverage helps minimize the risk you will have to pay for incidents in which you or your boat damages another person or their property. For example, an individual on your boat may fall and need medical care. This insurance may also help in instances in which you damage a dock.

Call Our Independent Insurance Agents in Boca Raton FL

At Coastal Premier Insurance Group Inc., we want to discuss your specific needs for boat and watercraft insurance in Florida. Our independent insurance agents are happy to talk to you about the specific type of policy right for your boat, water skis, or other types of valuable assets. Before you head into the water this season, contact our agents to get the right type of insurance policy in place.