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Does Commercial Insurance Cover Fires Caused By Lighting?

Having commercial insurance can protect your business from a variety of threats. It is essential to protect a company from losses as a result of accidents and theft.  One of the primary reasons to have commercial insurance is to protect from losses as a result of a fire. But, does commercial insurance provide protection from fire as a result of lighting? Know the limits and exclusions of coverage to help protect you from gaps in coverage.

Lightning Fires

One of the most common causes of fire is lightning from a storm. It can strike at any time and create devastating losses. Fortunately, most commercial insurance does protect the business in the event of a lightning fire. Before selecting the insurance policy that protects your business, know if it protects against all instances of fire damage first. You want to purchase insurance that gives you a complete layer of protection.

Getting The Right Coverage

Getting the right type and amount of insurance coverage is the key to providing complete insurance protection. Always ask what the terms and conditions are before making a purchase. Ask the insurance representative to clarify any confusing language, and any concerns or special needs. A reputable insurance company such as Coastal Premier Insurance Group, serving the residents in and around the Boca Raton, FL area, can help you with these questions.

To get more information about commercial insurance coverage, or to ask any questions, residents in and around the Boca Raton, FL area can stop in or call the Coastal Premier Insurance Group. Knowledgeable representatives are ready to give you answers and explain your options for getting the right coverage. 


Benefits of an Umbrella Policy

As renters and homeowners, we carry insurance to protect our personal possessions and assets. Your home is often the biggest asset that you have, and an appropriate policy protects it from damage or destruction. It can also provide a measure of liability coverage. Sometimes, though, there are unfortunate events that will max out that policy. That is where an umbrella policy comes into play. Umbrella policies are an added measure of liability protection. For instance, if someone is injured on your property. Your homeowners’ policy will cover their medical expenses. 

However, should they decide to sue you with regard to the injury, your policy may not be able to cover all of the legal fees. Also, there is the potential that their medical expenses can exceed what is covered in the homeowners’ policy. An umbrella policy kicks in when your other insurance policies have reached their caps. The team at Coastal Premier Insurance Group works with homeowners and businesses in the Boca Raton, FL area to ensure that they have adequate coverage should the unthinkable occur. 

Umbrella policies help protect the assets of the insured. Therefore, the more assets you have, the more steps you should consider taking to protect them. An umbrella policy provides that extra layer of protective coverage should you need it. While most people are not excited about adding additional insurance coverage, it is a valuable tool to consider. Also, umbrella policies are generally low cost, so the additional coverage makes fiscal sense. The agents at Coastal Premier Insurance Group, serving the Boca Raton, FL area, are ready to talk with you about your current coverage and the benefits of an additional umbrella policy. Call us today and get the coverage and protection you need!

What Sort of Things Does Homeowner Insurance Not Cover?

State law does not compel the residents of Boca Raton, FL to purchase homeowners insurance, though federal law would require any home constructed in a flood plane to obtain flood insurance. Most banks will require residents to buy a homeowners insurance policy, and it can cover homeowners in situations such as property damage due to storms, fire, and theft. There are some things, however, that your indemnification will not cover, and it is important to understand what these things are. 

Scenarios Not Covered by Homeowners Insurance

The first set of circumstances that will not be covered are those that exceed the limits of your coverage. You should discuss your policy amounts with your agent, so you can decide if more insurance is needed. This can save you from the possibility of being sued if you cause an accident for which the bodily harm or property damage is greater than the insurance coverage that is available to you. 

If you have pets living on your property, your insurance may not extend to them as they are neither your possessions nor are they people. Your vehicle may also not be covered, and if your property incurs losses due to business activities, you may need a separate commercial insurance policy to be protected. Damages caused by watercraft, war, or nuclear devices may not be paid for,  and expenses due to flooding from sources outside the home will usually not be covered, as these fall under flood insurance perils. 

Let Coastal Premier Insurance Group Help You

We at Coastal Premier Insurance Group take pleasure in serving the Boca Raton, FL area, and we look forward to hearing from you. Our experts can handle any questions you may have about homeowners insurance, and you can reach us by telephone, contact us online, or stop by our office to discuss all your homeowner’s insurance package needs. For a quote, try our online rating tool.

2 Major Ways Commercial Insurance Can Protect Your Personal Assets

When you start your business, here are a lot of different things to consider. Once you decide on a business structure and formation, you should purchase commercial business insurance. In Boca Raton, FL, Coastal Premier Insurance Group can help you find the right insurance to protect your business.

BizFilings suggests that there are two main types of commercial/business insurance: Liability and Property.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance can help with protecting you and your business in the event there are damages you are held liable for, including personal injuries to you or someone else and in or around your property, as well as advertising claims. Each type carries different coverage amounts, and you should evaluate each section based on your company and how it runs. A qualified insurance agent can help you figure out exactly how much coverage you need, and what kind of assets need to be included in your liability insurance policy to ensure your personal assets are safe. There are general liability insurance policies, and professional liability insurance policies – ensure you are aware of which you need and how it will cover your assets.

Property and/or Product Liability Insurance

General liability insurance protects your personal and corporate assets, but what about damage to your property? The Balance details how small businesses (and large ones, too) who are manufacturing or selling products need to be protected with product liability insurance should a person sustain an injury in relation to using your product. Ensure your business’ property is covered in the event of damage, and that you and your business’ assets are protected in the event injuries occur and you are held liable.     

Recommendation: Ensure you have adequate comprehensive liability and property insurance policies for your business. If possible, a specialized form of coverage, such as fidelity and/or umbrella coverage, could also benefit you and your business and help safeguard your assets.

In Boca Raton, FL, Coastal Premier Insurance Group is your resource to protect your personal assets and your business assets from lawsuits. Contact us today to review your options. Remember, if you’re not insured, you’re leaving your personal assets, like your car, home, and personal bank accounts, liable for garnishment or seizure.

Is Umbrella Insurance Right For Everyone?

Umbrella insurance is a wonderful type of insurance that can cover a wide variety of things. However, it is not the right option for many people. If you are wondering if it is the right option for you, then you need to consider the reasons why you would need this type of insurance. These tips from Coastal Premier Insurance Group, serving the Naples and Boca Raton, FL area, will help you determine if it is the best option for you. 

  • You have a large house or one of high value – If you own a house that exceeds the limits of a traditional home insurance policy, then you may want to consider getting umbrella insurance to cover the difference in value for your home, or homes. 
  • You own expensive cars – This is another area where you can only get so much coverage for your vehicles through auto insurance. If you need more than what you can get from your auto insurance, then an umbrella policy is the answer. 
  • You host a lot of parties – If you like to have a lot of people come to your home for parties on a regular basis, you need extra liability coverage. You do not want to have to pay for medical bills for someone that gets hurt on your property, but without an umbrella policy, you may have to if you do not have liability coverage elsewhere. 

If you think that umbrella insurance is a great option based on your needs, then you need to contact Coastal Premier Insurance Group, serving Naples and Boca Raton, FL area, today. We can help you find the right amount of insurance through an umbrella policy and make sure you are covered for what you’re worth. Reach out to our agents to learn more.

Which Disasters Are Not Covered By My Homeowners Insurance?

One of the most important considerations, when renewing or buying a new homeowners insurance policy, is whether the policy covers natural disasters such as earthquakes or hurricanes. Standard homeowners’ insurance policies in Boca Raton, FL provide coverage for many items such as fire damage or theft, but when it comes to “acts of God,” not all of them are covered.

Natural disasters like floods or earthquakes are not covered, especially if you’re living in a high-risk area. High-risk areas are those prone to floods or those that are located along active volcanoes. Homeowners are therefore advised to acquire supplemental policies which will cover specific kinds of natural disasters such as:


When it comes to flooding, not all flooding sources will be treated in the same manner. This is because flooding may be a result of plumbing failures, sinkholes, coastal surges, and river overflows. In many cases, homeowner policies will tend to exclude any damage related to flooding. The main exception is flooding caused by a damaged plumbing infrastructure such as a broken pipe. Coastal Premier Insurance Group highly recommends speaking to one of our agents to learn more about what water hazards home insurance covers.

Storm Coverage: Hurricanes

Boca Raton, FL homeowner insurance policies often cover natural disasters that may be related to wind damage. But, your standard homeowner’s policy will not provide coverage for flooding that accompanies storm surges that are associated with hurricanes. Any damage caused by tornadoes is typically covered as it is classified as wind damage. Water damage is also covered if water finds its way into the residence when your roof is damaged by the tornado.

If you have any more queries on the natural disasters that are covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy, please get in touch with Coastal Premier Insurance Group. Our homeowner’s insurance agents will be happy to attend to your needs. 

Do Home Businesses Need Commercial Insurance?

A home business is a wonderful thing, and for the most part, it is going to be a great deal of work with benefit and reward. The real issue comes when you try to work out how to protect your home business. For those that live in the Boca Raton, FL area, the agents with Coastal Premier Insurance Group can help you to find the right policy for your growing home business.

How does commercial insurance work for a home business?

To put things quite plainly, most home businesses are not large enough and do not deal with people face to face on a large enough scale to worry about having a separate commercial policy. The real determinant is the size of your business, the volume of customers that you deal with, and the overall value of your business. If you have a small business where you sell things on the internet from your home, your homeowner’s policy is going to cover the cost of your inventory and your computers that you use for work.

If you have people come into your home, you may want to consider a separate policy to protect against things like injury and other issues that you may come up against. If you have a home business that is larger than say a few thousand dollars in worth, you may also want to consider a policy. The real benefit of a commercial policy is that it is going to help protect your assets like your home if a lawsuit or other legal action is filed against you. It also helps to protect employees if you have any and helps to protect inventory if you have large amounts.

For those in the Boca Raton, FL area, the agents with Coastal Premier Insurance Group can help you get the perfect insurance coverage for your home business.

Understanding Whether Umbrella Coverage Would Work for You

For additional coverage above your car or home insurance limits, consider buying an umbrella policy to cover high legal fees, as well as personal injury and property damage claims. Your Coastal Premier Insurance Group agent in Boca Raton, FL can help you determine if an umbrella policy will work for you.

When Would You Need Umbrella Insurance?

If you worked your whole life to build up a sizeable nest egg, you have assets worthy of additional protection. Don’t risk losing the home you worked hard to pay off. Instead, consider an umbrella insurance policy. Remember, all it takes to wipe you out is one guest falling down your stairs or a car accident you cause that results in extensive injuries or damage.

What Umbrella Insurance Covers

Your Coastal Premier Insurance Group agent can walk you through each of the available umbrella policies to see which ones are right for you.

Bodily Injury- If you cause an accident that hurts someone and the medical bills go beyond what your auto insurance will pay, an umbrella policy may cover the rest. It picks up where your home, auto, and other insurance stops, providing you with a broad safety net of additional coverage.

Property Damage- If your teenager crashes through someone’s fence and skids into the neighbor’s house, an umbrella insurance policy pays what your auto insurance doesn’t. The policy also covers damage that isn’t included in auto and homeowners policies. If your beloved Chihuahua shreds priceless furniture at the neighbor’s dinner party or your child damages a rare collectible, an umbrella policy may pay the damage. It is important to speak with an agent to learn exactly what can be covered.

Other Damages- An umbrella insurance policy covers judgments against you for libel or slander. It can also pay for false arrest, violation of privacy, and other civil charges.

Legal Fees- An umbrella insurance policy may take care of legal fees as well as court costs if you lose a court case.

Contact your Coastal Premier Insurance Group agent in Boca Raton, FL to schedule an appointment for a quote and to answer all your questions.

Should You Ever Decrease Your Home Insurance Coverage?

Is decreasing your home insurance a good idea?

A lot of homeowners have questions about home insurance policies and the policy limits they include. One of the questions that we at Coastal Premier Insurance Group, serving the greater Boca Raton, FL area, are often asked is whether you should ever decrease your home insurance coverage.

First and foremost, if you still owe money on your home, you may be unable to decrease your home insurance coverage. Always check with the lender to determine how much home insurance they require you to carry as part of your loan terms. 

If you do not owe any money on your home, you may be able to decrease your home insurance coverage. However, it is strongly recommended that you determine the value of your home and the value of the belongings contained inside of the house. You want to be sure that even after you decrease your coverage, there is still enough insurance to cover both inside and out. This helps protect you against a catastrophic loss, for example, if a fire sweeps through your home. If you carry less insurance coverage than the cost of your home and belongings, you will have to pay out of pocket the difference between what your insurance covers and the cost to rebuild your home or replace your belongings. Most people do not have this kind of money lying around, which is why having the right insurance coverage is so important.

If you are looking for a new home insurance policy or are wondering if your coverage amount best meets your needs, contact Coastal Premier Insurance Group serving the greater Boca Raton, FL area. We can help you determine how much coverage you need and then put together a policy that is ideal for you. Call us now to get started and have your questions answered. Also, try our online rating tool for quotes on home and auto insurance. 

Is Commercial Insurance a Necessity for Businesses?

No commercial insurance is not a necessity, and this is why many businesses do not invest in it. It is a type of insurance that all businesses should look into. With the right policy, you can be well on your way to having peace of mind in knowing that all aspects of your business are adequately protected. Let’s take a closer look at what commercial insurance is and why you should invest in a policy at Coastal Premier Insurance Group in Boca Raton, FL.

Why Commercial Insurance?

If you are concerned with mitigating the risk of having ownership in commercial property, then you should carefully consider the advantages of commercial property insurance. Many different disasters can occur at any time, wiping out your entire business (like fire and storms). With the right commercial insurance policy, you can sleep better at night knowing you are protected. 

Did you know that commercial property insurance is tax deductible?

That’s right! Any money that you invest toward a commercial insurance policy can, in fact, be deducted off your taxes owed once tax season rolls around. You are earning back money for investing in coverage for your company. It’s a win-win! Also, if you have to make a claim on your commercial property insurance, the funds that you receive can be deducted from your taxes as well. It is important to speak with an insurance agent or the IRS before going this route.

There are many reasons for you to think about investing in a commercial insurance policy for your business. If you have questions about this type of insurance, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact the Coastal Premier Insurance Group serving the Naples, Port Charlotte, and Boca Raton, FL area. Our agents can help you find the insurance policy you need for your Florida business.