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I Have A Small Home Business. Do I Need Umbrella Insurance?

As a small home business owner, you may think that your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover business-related events that it doesn’t. Some won’t be covered because your homeowner’s policy covers you living in your home, not running a business out of it. Other claims might just be too big for your homeowner’s insurance. You probably don’t want to think about worst-case-scenarios and the risk to your business and assets in the face of a lawsuit, but the fact is, it could happen. And, when big losses occur, they can be absolutely devastating. That’s why excess liability coverage, also known as umbrella insurance, exists.  

Lawsuits Happen

It’s almost impossible to know when a liability claim from your product or service could arise or what people could blame your company for. Society has become sue-happy, often leading to big lawsuits that result in huge financial judgments. Even if your business did nothing wrong, your legal defense fees to prove yourself blameless can be astronomical.  All your assets and life savings – even your Boca Raton, FL home could be at risk if you are found liable and are ordered by the court to pay damages or a settlement. 

Umbrella Insurance Provides Extra Liability Protection 

Umbrella insurance is essentially extra coverage that protects your business from financially devastating lawsuits arising from liability and protects your company from gaps or limits in your existing insurance policies that could leave you open to a big loss. If you have questions about the gaps or limits in your existing insurance policies, ask the experts at Coastal Premier Insurance Group to review your policies. 

How Much Umbrella Coverage Does My Business Need? 

Every business is different. The amount of umbrella coverage your small home business needs will depend on your company’s assets and what’s at stake in the event of a big claim.  If you live in the Boca Raton, FL area, Coastal Premier Insurance Group can help tailor an umbrella insurance policy that will protect you, your business, and your assets. Give us a call today!

3 Benefits of Umbrella Insurance You May Not Know

Simply put, umbrella coverage is a type of coverage that provides liability protection on and beyond your property. For residents of Boca Raton, FL, the following is a closer look at 3 benefits of umbrella insurance you may not already know. 

Swimming Pools

Although having a swimming pool on your property is considered a luxury, it can also be a liability. Especially in the cases in which small children are living on the premises, swimming pools can be highly hazardous and could end up costing you thousands or even millions. However, by purchasing umbrella coverage you can ensure that you’re protected against any accident that may occur as a result of owning the pool. 

False Arrest

On another note, umbrella coverage can also protect you in the event that you are falsely arrested. Although many false arrest cases are dropped, this does nothing to repay you for damages such as missed days from work, reputations issues, and more. By purchasing an umbrella policy, you could have coverage in place to help you manage damages resulting from being falsely arrested. 

Shock and Mental Anguish

Lastly, if something occurs on the property that causes you or others mental anguish, this may also be covered. Mental anguish could cause missed work, the need for long-term therapy and more. By purchasing an umbrella policy, you could be covered for these things as well.

Overall, for residents of Boca Raton, FL, Coastal Premier Insurance Group is a great place to secure umbrella coverage. Call, email, or stop by Coastal Premier Insurance Group today to find out how you can start your umbrella insurance policy and hopefully save some money in the process.

An inventory of your belongings is as vital as your homeowners’ insurance

Taking an inventory of your belongings is as vital as the homeowners’ insurance policy you select. Falling victim to a tragedy is stressful. Creating an inventory can help reduce some of the stress as you begin the process of filing a claim in the wake of a disaster.

A detailed list of destroyed items will be required to accompany the application, and without a formal inventory, most people cannot name everything they own. There is no standard form to follow when creating an inventory. In short, this inventory is just a list of the belongings you are filing the claim to replace.

According to the experts at Coastal Premier Insurance Group in Boca Raton, FL, the key is to incorporate into the list the maximum amount of information and to document ownership. These details include the date of purchase, cost and serial numbers of specific items.

If you have them, add to the list the original receipts from the purchase. It is also wise to supplement the inventory with pictures and videos. Be sure to include items you may have stashed in forgotten places such as the attic, garage and basement. 

Once you create the list, it is crucial to keep it updated with new purchases. It is also vital to remove older items from the list that you no longer have. Last but not least, keep the inventory in a safe place. It will do you no good if you lose it during the disaster.

Creating the inventory has some ancillary benefits. It ensures you have the right coverage plan in place. The team at Coastal Premier Insurance Group in Boca Raton FL is ready to answer all your questions about insurance, including home and auto plans.

What Does Commercial Vehicle Insurance Cover?

If you are a business owner, you should carry commercial vehicle insurance on any vehicle that is designated for business use for both liability and property damages. When you drive a vehicle of your own or a company vehicle, your regular personal auto policy will not cover you.

What Does Commercial Vehicle Insurance pay For?

Your commercial vehicle policy from Coastal Premier Insurance Group has several types of coverage that are available and you can also add other options to it. Most commercial policies for a vehicle in Boca Raton, FL cover property damage liability in the case that you have an accident and cause harm to another person’s property. It also includes bodily injury to others and bodily injury that you cause to others outside of the state of Florida too. It will pay out to you if you, your employees or passengers have injuries including their medical expenses and lost wages. Collision coverage covers your vehicle no matter which driver is at fault. Comprehensive coverage is for any other damages other than a collision, such as hailstorms or a tree falling on your vehicle. Medical payments cover the cost of hospitalization and treatments due to an injury and you are also covered in the case of a mishap when loading or unloading a company vehicle. You can also have a rental car while the company car is being repaired and your towing and labor costs are covered.

Who is Required to Have Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

Depending on your exact type of business and what your company vehicles’ carry, you may be required to have commercial vehicle insurance. Some examples are if you carry equipment, transport hazardous or flammable materials and transporting housekeeping equipment for business use. You should also get this type of insurance in Boca Raton, FL if you use, carry or transport cranes, winches or a plow. You will be covered if you hire your vehicle out in order to tow other vehicles, such as a wrecker. If you deliver pizza or any other wholesale or retail products including newspapers you will need commercial insurance. Trucking and freight companies and limousines and taxi’s need commercial insurance.

 We at Coast Premier Insurance Group know that all of this information can be confusing and we are here to help you. You can call us or come by the office to get the information you need and make an educated decision on commercial insurance.





Will Home Insurance Cover Damages From House Guests?

Having a home means that you have to prepare for an array of potential situations that can cause damage or loss. Having the right type of insurance is the best defense against these threats. For example, you may have a house guest that accidentally causes damage to your home. You may be wondering if your home insurance is going to cover your loss?

Damages to Your Residence

If you have a good insurance policy, you should be covered in the event a house guest causes damage. You will be required to submit information to file a claim such as an incident report and photos of the damages. When you have a situation like this, you will need help from a knowledgeable insurance agent to walk you through the process so you can get the money necessary to repair the damage. Before selecting a policy, know how you will be protected from incidents like these and have your agent explain the claims process in detail.

Finding Coverage

If you are a homeowner, then you need good insurance coverage that is going to protect you from damages as a result of accidents or natural disasters. When shopping for insurance, make sure your provider can give you complete coverage without gaps that can create a financial hardship. Your agent can walk you through your options and discuss how you can obtain the right amount of coverage for your situation. If you live in or near the Boca Raton, FL area, Coastal Premier Insurance Group can work with you to help you get the right coverage. 

As a homeowner, you should be educated about your home insurance policy and the steps necessary to submit your claim. Work with a reputable insurance company such as Coastal Premier Insurance Group serving the residents in and around the Boca Raton, FL area. 

Umbrella insurance coverage options in Boca Raton, FL

Excess liability coverage or umbrella insurance is virtually among the most overlooked policies in Boca Raton, FL today. This is due to the fact that many people assume that the standard home, auto, boat, and other basic policies are enough coverage for their assets, while in fact, they’re not.

Umbrella insurance ‘kicks in’ when your basic policies are rendered inadequate to cover the financial costs. For instance, if you’re involved in an accident, and someone gets critically injured, you could be sued for the injuries, and the charges may go way beyond your standard auto insurance coverage.

Such critical situations may require you to dig deep into your pockets to pay what is not covered, but with umbrella insurance, you’re well protected. At Coastal Premier Insurance Group, we encourage asset owners especially individuals with valuable properties, businesses, and assets in Florida to purchase umbrella insurance, that will provide sufficient coverage all through.

Commercial insurance coverages

•    Defense fees and any other legal charges

•    Accidental slips and falls that lead to injuries in your property

•    Libel or slander

•    Personal injury protection

•    Vehicle accidents involving your business vehicle, boat, or other insured vehicles.

•    Property damage by elements such as earthquakes or fire

 A noteworthy point to keep in mind here is that excess liability or umbrella insurance is not self-sustaining and can only be used where a standard policy like home insurance has been exhausted.

Umbrella insurance covers a wide range of financial emergencies that may command a high amount of money suddenly–which at that moment may not be available. Let Coastal Premier Insurance Group help you protect yourself and what matters to you most. To know more about umbrella insurance, speak to our insurance experts or visit us at Boca Raton, FL 33487 today.


Is Commercial Insurance Necessary for a Tax Preparation Business?

Tax preparation experts are a unique business because they can often work at home and in their spare time. As a result, you might not think you need commercial insurance. However, we at Coastal Premier Insurance Group believe that all tax preparation experts, no matter how small their business, deserve to protect themselves with high-quality commercial coverage.

Commercial Insurance Protects You From Many Problems

As a tax preparer in Boca Raton, FL, you need to make sure you have even basic commercial insurance. That’s because it can protect you from property damage, business interruption, liability, and much more. Though a tax preparation expert like you may not experience a lot of serious issues, your basic commercial insurance policy can protect you in case they do happen. For example, computer, medical, and cyber coverage can protect you in case your records are hacked.

Coverage Also Protects Your Home Office

If you’re a single preparer who works from home, a high-quality commercial insurance policy can protect your office. That’s because your office is considered a commercial property, not a residential one. Therefore, your policy can protect you if your records are damaged, if your preparation software is corrupted, or even if the physical property is damaged and you need to repair it.

Protecting Yourself From Mistakes

Making errors as a tax preparer is a big deal because you may cost your clients hundreds or even thousands of dollars. And without commercial insurance, they can sue you and potentially drive you out of business. Thankfully, commercial liability insurance will help pay for most of the costs of a lawsuit and keep you in business.

Get High-Quality Coverage

Contact us at Coastal Premier Insurance Group if you’re a tax preparer in the Boca Raton, FL area. We will tweak a high-quality policy to ensure that you get the insurance that you deserve.

3 Reasons You Need Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is a form of coverage that a lot of people don’t understand. Many believe this type of insurance is only for the wealthy, but in all actuality, it’s quite affordable for anyone when shopping through the right insurance provider, like the Coastal Premier Insurance Group serving the Boca Raton, FL area. This type of insurance delivers an extra level of protection for the policyholder and his or her family in regards to their property, medical expenses, and legal costs, but it only applies once an auto or home policy has been exhausted. Here is a close look at three reasons you need umbrella coverage.

Protecting Your Assets

If you were to have guests at your home and one of them becomes injured, there is a chance that you could be held liable for their medical expenses, and possibly even other damages. Your homeowner’s policy will, of course, cover up to a certain amount, but if the damages exceed this amount, an umbrella policy could kick in and help provide coverage for the remaining damages, so you don’t have to sell any assets.

Giving You Peace of Mind

There’s nothing better than being able to lay your head down at night knowing you have extra coverage. Regardless of what happens in the future, having an umbrella policy will almost always be of benefit. 

Saving You Money

Not only can having an umbrella insurance policy save you money by providing the additional coverage you need beyond your regular auto and homeowner’s policy, but it can also save you money, many times, when you purchase it through the same provider, you have your other policies through. Many providers will offer a steep discount on your policy premiums if you bundle all of your policies together. 

If you would like to learn more about protecting your future with umbrella insurance, contact the Coastal Premier Insurance Group serving the Boca Raton, FL area.

Protect Your Home Before Summer Vacation

Life is great in Boca Raton, FL, but summer is the time of year to set sail, hit the road, or jet set away. But, before you head off on vacation, it’s essential you ensure your house is safe. Have fun and keep a peace of mind that your home is protected with these helpful tips.

Unplug Your Appliances

Electrical fires pose a severe risk to homeowners. A massive storm could come through the area, wipe out the electricity and cause a power surge to rush through your home. For appliances not protected by a surge protector, the surge could spark an electrical fire. Make sure you disconnect your unprotected devices before you leave. 

Research Insurance

Homeowners’ insurance policies can keep your house protected whether you’re at home, or not. It’s essential that you have a policy in place before you leave, and for protection when you return home. If you don’t have insurance, you’re unnecessarily putting your home and your sanity at risk. Coastal Premier Insurance Group, Inc. can help you design a plan that’s suited for your needs. 

Install Smart Lights

The goal of the average criminal is to break in, grab what they want, and get away as quickly as possible. When an intruder thinks you’re home, they will likely stay away. Install smart lights before you leave to create the illusion that you’re home, even when you’re not. The smart lights can easily be controlled from your smartphone, or you can set them on a timer for added convenience. 

Follow these tips to keep your home safer while you’re away. At Coastal Premier Insurance Group, Inc., we can help you with this goal. With a variety of insurance options to assist Boca Raton, FL homeowners, contact us so we can help you. 

Does Commercial Insurance Cover Fires Caused By Lighting?

Having commercial insurance can protect your business from a variety of threats. It is essential to protect a company from losses as a result of accidents and theft.  One of the primary reasons to have commercial insurance is to protect from losses as a result of a fire. But, does commercial insurance provide protection from fire as a result of lighting? Know the limits and exclusions of coverage to help protect you from gaps in coverage.

Lightning Fires

One of the most common causes of fire is lightning from a storm. It can strike at any time and create devastating losses. Fortunately, most commercial insurance does protect the business in the event of a lightning fire. Before selecting the insurance policy that protects your business, know if it protects against all instances of fire damage first. You want to purchase insurance that gives you a complete layer of protection.

Getting The Right Coverage

Getting the right type and amount of insurance coverage is the key to providing complete insurance protection. Always ask what the terms and conditions are before making a purchase. Ask the insurance representative to clarify any confusing language, and any concerns or special needs. A reputable insurance company such as Coastal Premier Insurance Group, serving the residents in and around the Boca Raton, FL area, can help you with these questions.

To get more information about commercial insurance coverage, or to ask any questions, residents in and around the Boca Raton, FL area can stop in or call the Coastal Premier Insurance Group. Knowledgeable representatives are ready to give you answers and explain your options for getting the right coverage.