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3 Common Scenarios Where a Boca Raton, FL Umbrella Insurance Policy Comes in Handy

If you already have general homeowner’s, automotive, or business insurance, then you may think you’re protected in the event of most accidents and disasters. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true. Every insurance policy has its limits or the maximum amount it will payout in the event of a claim. If you suffer an accident or are the target of a lawsuit seeking damages over what your current policy covers, then this is when an umbrella insurance policy by Coastal Premier Insurance Group kicks in.

Umbrella insurance policies cover costs that would otherwise be on you, your family, or your business because of insurance policy limits. Just consider the following common scenarios in which a Boca Raton, FL umbrella insurance policy can be a huge boon:

3 Common Scenarios in Which a Boca Raton FL Umbrella Insurance Policy Will Assist

  1. You are in a car accident involving multiple vehicles. Quality automobile insurance will protect you from financial damages if you are found at fault for an accident that caused injuries to another person or vehicle damages. However, these policies do have limits and so if you are found to be at-fault for a big accident that involves several vehicles, then the financial damages may amount to more than your insurer will payout. An umbrella insurance policy is designed to cover those amounts over your coverage limit.
  2. A guest is injured on your property. If your friends or friends of family members come to your property and are injured, then you will likely be held responsible for those injuries if they ever take you to court. Even something innocuous, such as injuries resulting from their being reckless in your swimming pool or playing on your playground equipment can cause you to be financially responsible. An umbrella insurance policy will pay out any damages the court awards the injured.
  3. Your dog bites someone on or off your property. Dog bites unfortunately happen and if you are sued as a result of a dog bite on or off your property, an umbrella insurance policy can fill in the gaps that your homeowner’s policy doesn’t cover.

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