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Is a Business Owners Policy a good idea for Boca Raton, FL small businesses?

No matter what kind of Boca Raton, FL business you own, a Business Owners Policy (BOP) can be tailored to your specific needs. Coastal Premier Insurance Group can help you explore your options so your small business has the protections it needs.

What Is a Business Owners Policy (BOP)?

A BOP is popular for many small businesses because it combines several kinds of protection in one convenient package. When you combine different kinds of protection in one policy, you can save money and handle claims more conveniently.

These are the most commonly included protections in a BOP:

  • Commercial property insurance protects your building, equipment, and inventory. 
  • General liability insurance protects your business in case of claims, such as if someone is injured on your property or hurt by your product.
  • Business interruption insurance, also called business income insurance, protects your business in case of a temporary closure.

What Other Protections Does Your Business Need?

There are several important kinds of coverage your business may need. You may be able to add them to your BOP or add them on.

  • You will need commercial auto insurance if your business uses vehicles. Your personal insurance will not cover work-related accidents.
  • Equipment breakdown insurance will help if your equipment breaks down.
  • Professional liability coverage protects businesses when skilled employees make mistakes.
  • Many businesses are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance.

Contact Coastal Premier Insurance Group for More Information

Your Boca Raton, FL, small business needs protection, and you can choose what kind of protection based on your needs. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a policy, please call Coastal Premier Insurance Group today.