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Buying Auto Insurance for the First Time

Auto insurance can be a very difficult thing to traverse if you are not at all sure what type or amount of coverage you need. For those in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Coastal Wealth Insurance LLC and their helpful agents can find the right coverage for you, even if you are a first-time insurance buyer. Buying insurance for the first time can be tricky but with the right information, anyone can find the coverage they need.

What is Basic Coverage?

Basic coverage is what you are required by law to have on your automobile. This is liability coverage to help cover medical cost and deductibles if you are in an accident. Each locality is going to have a different set of laws and requirements that you must meet in order for your car to be street legal. It is important that if you are a first-time insurance buyer, you talk with an agent that knows how much insurance you need, what type of policy you need, and how to get you the coverage required for your car to be street legal.

Full Coverage

For those that are buying a new car or that are going to have a car with a lien or loan out against it, it is going to be necessary to have full coverage. This is going to cover the cost of medical bills up to a certain amount, the cost of your deductible, and the cost of replacing your car. There are tons of different levels of full coverage insurance and for first-time buyers, it is always helpful to talk with an agent. If you live in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area, the agents at Coastal Wealth Insurance LLC can help you find the coverage that you need to be legal and to be covered.