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Are Hurricanes Covered Under Home Insurance Policies?

Citizens who live in the Boca Raton, FL area are familiar with hurricanes. Living on the coast of a peninsula means that people need to be prepared for natural disasters such as hurricanes. This means purchasing water, non-perishable food, and staying up to date with emergency disaster plans in the case of an approaching hurricane; however, many people neglect to prepare their home for a hurricane as well. People living in the Boca Raton, FL area need to know whether or not potential damages from hurricanes are covered under their home insurance policy. Important information from Coastal Premier Insurance Group is summarized below.

Most home insurance policies include coverage for water damage. This includes damage from a busted pipe, torrential downpour, but not hurricane damage. Hurricanes bring winds in excess of 75 MPH. A category five hurricane brings winds in excess of 150 MPH. These are major winds that can launch cars, trees, and other heavy objects that can do major damage to homes. If people are not covered for wind damage under their home insurance policy, they could end up paying for the repairs on their own. This can cause major financial stress for any family. Citizens living in hurricane-prone areas should ensure that they are covered for wind damage in addition to water damage. This will protect a home in the event that a hurricane strikes.

People with questions about their policy should contact an experienced insurance agent serving the local area. An experienced insurance agent with Coastal Premier Insurance Group will be able to provide the professional guidance necessary to keep a home protected in the event of a hurricane. Ensure that all important belongings are protected with the proper home insurance.