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Benefits of an Umbrella Policy

As renters and homeowners, we carry insurance to protect our personal possessions and assets. Your home is often the biggest asset that you have, and an appropriate policy protects it from damage or destruction. It can also provide a measure of liability coverage. Sometimes, though, there are unfortunate events that will max out that policy. That is where an umbrella policy comes into play. Umbrella policies are an added measure of liability protection. For instance, if someone is injured on your property. Your homeowners’ policy will cover their medical expenses. 

However, should they decide to sue you with regard to the injury, your policy may not be able to cover all of the legal fees. Also, there is the potential that their medical expenses can exceed what is covered in the homeowners’ policy. An umbrella policy kicks in when your other insurance policies have reached their caps. The team at Coastal Premier Insurance Group works with homeowners and businesses in the Boca Raton, FL area to ensure that they have adequate coverage should the unthinkable occur. 

Umbrella policies help protect the assets of the insured. Therefore, the more assets you have, the more steps you should consider taking to protect them. An umbrella policy provides that extra layer of protective coverage should you need it. While most people are not excited about adding additional insurance coverage, it is a valuable tool to consider. Also, umbrella policies are generally low cost, so the additional coverage makes fiscal sense. The agents at Coastal Premier Insurance Group, serving the Boca Raton, FL area, are ready to talk with you about your current coverage and the benefits of an additional umbrella policy. Call us today and get the coverage and protection you need!