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What Does Commercial Vehicle Insurance Cover?

If you are a business owner, you should carry commercial vehicle insurance on any vehicle that is designated for business use for both liability and property damages. When you drive a vehicle of your own or a company vehicle, your regular personal auto policy will not cover you.

What Does Commercial Vehicle Insurance pay For?

Your commercial vehicle policy from Coastal Premier Insurance Group has several types of coverage that are available and you can also add other options to it. Most commercial policies for a vehicle in Boca Raton, FL cover property damage liability in the case that you have an accident and cause harm to another person’s property. It also includes bodily injury to others and bodily injury that you cause to others outside of the state of Florida too. It will pay out to you if you, your employees or passengers have injuries including their medical expenses and lost wages. Collision coverage covers your vehicle no matter which driver is at fault. Comprehensive coverage is for any other damages other than a collision, such as hailstorms or a tree falling on your vehicle. Medical payments cover the cost of hospitalization and treatments due to an injury and you are also covered in the case of a mishap when loading or unloading a company vehicle. You can also have a rental car while the company car is being repaired and your towing and labor costs are covered.

Who is Required to Have Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

Depending on your exact type of business and what your company vehicles’ carry, you may be required to have commercial vehicle insurance. Some examples are if you carry equipment, transport hazardous or flammable materials and transporting housekeeping equipment for business use. You should also get this type of insurance in Boca Raton, FL if you use, carry or transport cranes, winches or a plow. You will be covered if you hire your vehicle out in order to tow other vehicles, such as a wrecker. If you deliver pizza or any other wholesale or retail products including newspapers you will need commercial insurance. Trucking and freight companies and limousines and taxi’s need commercial insurance.

 We at Coast Premier Insurance Group know that all of this information can be confusing and we are here to help you. You can call us or come by the office to get the information you need and make an educated decision on commercial insurance.