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Does My Business Need Fleet Insurance?

Most small businesses don’t need a fleet of vehicles to operate their business. A service-oriented business, on the other hand, may need several vehicles to ensure that all of their customers receive attention in a timely manner. Because it is easier to ensure vehicles as a group instead of one at a time, fleet policies are available. At Coastal Premier Insurance Group, agents help business owners in Boca Raton, FL get the fleet insurance they need to protect each of their vehicles.

Two Or More Vehicles

If your business only has one or two vehicles, insuring them separately isn’t a big deal. When you have three or more, on the other hand, insuring them as a group is the best way to make sure each vehicle has the same amount of coverage and is fully protected. Just like when an individual has two or more vehicles and all of them are put together on the same policy, your business may qualify for a multi-car "discount". 

Easier to Manage

Having fleet insurance is the best way to protect all of your company’s vehicles at one time. With all of your vehicles on one policy, there is only one premium payment. Each car is registered on the policy and has the same coverage as all of the other vehicles.

If you own a business in Boca Raton, FL and need to know more about fleet insurance and how it can help your business, call the agents of Coastal Premier Insurance Group today. They can explain the benefits of fleet insurance and how having one policy will save you both time and money. Call today and talk to an agent!!