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An inventory of your belongings is as vital as your homeowners’ insurance

Taking an inventory of your belongings is as vital as the homeowners’ insurance policy you select. Falling victim to a tragedy is stressful. Creating an inventory can help reduce some of the stress as you begin the process of filing a claim in the wake of a disaster.

A detailed list of destroyed items will be required to accompany the application, and without a formal inventory, most people cannot name everything they own. There is no standard form to follow when creating an inventory. In short, this inventory is just a list of the belongings you are filing the claim to replace.

According to the experts at Coastal Premier Insurance Group in Boca Raton, FL, the key is to incorporate into the list the maximum amount of information and to document ownership. These details include the date of purchase, cost and serial numbers of specific items.

If you have them, add to the list the original receipts from the purchase. It is also wise to supplement the inventory with pictures and videos. Be sure to include items you may have stashed in forgotten places such as the attic, garage and basement. 

Once you create the list, it is crucial to keep it updated with new purchases. It is also vital to remove older items from the list that you no longer have. Last but not least, keep the inventory in a safe place. It will do you no good if you lose it during the disaster.

Creating the inventory has some ancillary benefits. It ensures you have the right coverage plan in place. The team at Coastal Premier Insurance Group in Boca Raton FL is ready to answer all your questions about insurance, including home and auto plans.