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What Sort of Things Does Homeowner Insurance Not Cover?

State law does not compel the residents of Boca Raton, FL to purchase homeowners insurance, though federal law would require any home constructed in a flood plane to obtain flood insurance. Most banks will require residents to buy a homeowners insurance policy, and it can cover homeowners in situations such as property damage due to storms, fire, and theft. There are some things, however, that your indemnification will not cover, and it is important to understand what these things are. 

Scenarios Not Covered by Homeowners Insurance

The first set of circumstances that will not be covered are those that exceed the limits of your coverage. You should discuss your policy amounts with your agent, so you can decide if more insurance is needed. This can save you from the possibility of being sued if you cause an accident for which the bodily harm or property damage is greater than the insurance coverage that is available to you. 

If you have pets living on your property, your insurance may not extend to them as they are neither your possessions nor are they people. Your vehicle may also not be covered, and if your property incurs losses due to business activities, you may need a separate commercial insurance policy to be protected. Damages caused by watercraft, war, or nuclear devices may not be paid for,  and expenses due to flooding from sources outside the home will usually not be covered, as these fall under flood insurance perils. 

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