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Is Commercial Insurance Necessary for a Tax Preparation Business?

Tax preparation experts are a unique business because they can often work at home and in their spare time. As a result, you might not think you need commercial insurance. However, we at Coastal Premier Insurance Group believe that all tax preparation experts, no matter how small their business, deserve to protect themselves with high-quality commercial coverage.

Commercial Insurance Protects You From Many Problems

As a tax preparer in Boca Raton, FL, you need to make sure you have even basic commercial insurance. That’s because it can protect you from property damage, business interruption, liability, and much more. Though a tax preparation expert like you may not experience a lot of serious issues, your basic commercial insurance policy can protect you in case they do happen. For example, computer, medical, and cyber coverage can protect you in case your records are hacked.

Coverage Also Protects Your Home Office

If you’re a single preparer who works from home, a high-quality commercial insurance policy can protect your office. That’s because your office is considered a commercial property, not a residential one. Therefore, your policy can protect you if your records are damaged, if your preparation software is corrupted, or even if the physical property is damaged and you need to repair it.

Protecting Yourself From Mistakes

Making errors as a tax preparer is a big deal because you may cost your clients hundreds or even thousands of dollars. And without commercial insurance, they can sue you and potentially drive you out of business. Thankfully, commercial liability insurance will help pay for most of the costs of a lawsuit and keep you in business.

Get High-Quality Coverage

Contact us at Coastal Premier Insurance Group if you’re a tax preparer in the Boca Raton, FL area. We will tweak a high-quality policy to ensure that you get the insurance that you deserve.