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Benefits of Commercial Insurance for Small Businesses

Small businesses of all types need to be covered by a commercial insurance policy.  A traditional business insurance policy will protect your company against any property damage caused by you or someone who works for you to a client’s property.  If you pay anyone to work other than yourself then worker’s compensation insurance is a requirement.  Employers’ liability insurance will protect you from employees who could potentially sue the company over pay discrepancies or work-related accidents.  

This type of coverage can also help pay for claims if an employee is injured while operating company machinery or other vehicle and if they damage someone else’s property with that equipment or vehicle.  

If you are the sole proprietor of  a small business and do not carry the proper insurance then you could be held personally responsible for loss or damages.  This could possibly result in losing your business and even personal property like your home. 

General liability insurance will help protect you in the event a customer files a lawsuit due to an incident on company property or while you were performing a service on their property.      

Coastal Premier Insurance Group in the Boca Raton, FL area can help small business owners assess the needs for their individual company.  A knowledgeable insurance agent will discuss the types of insurance and the coverage each one provides.  Beyond the basic liability coverage a small  business should consider policies to protect against the following:

  • Theft
  • Loss of inventory
  • Identity theft protection
  • Property damage 
  • Insurance for company vehicles

Stay on top of your small business insurance by discussing the policy every year with a Coastal Premier Insurance Group agent in the Boca Raton, FL area. This will ensure that you are covered in the event of an accident or lawsuit. Your agent can work with you to fine-tune the details of the policy to suit your individual business needs.  

What New Homeowner’s Need To Know About Homeowner’s Insurance

Buying your first home can be an exciting time in life. There are many things to plan and think of. While you are busy with the details of your new home, don’t forget the importance of homeowner’s insurance. At Coastal Premier Insurance Group serving Boca Raton, FL it is our great pleasure to educate our clients on important insurance topics. Keep reading to learn what you need to know about homeowner’s insurance. 

Why Is Homeowner’s Insurance Important?

Homeowner’s insurance is put in place to protect the homeowner’s from the vulnerability caused by fire, damage, and burglaries to their home. Without homeowner’s insurance, any damage or loss to your home or property will be your own responsibility. This can put the average family in a very vulnerable position financially. Homeowners’ insurance is there to kick in to cover repairs and replacements in the event of damage and loss. 

What Is Covered By Homeowner’s Insurance?

Homeowner’s insurance covers a few different things. Policies can be customized to meet your particular needs as well. In general homeowner’s insurance will cover the following areas:

Damage or Loss of Home- If your home is damaged or completely lost due to fire or natural disaster the policy will cover the repair or replacement of your home and belongings. You should evaluate your coverage amounts closely to make sure they are adequate for your home and belongings. Loss due to burglaries is also covered under this. 

Liability- Liability coverage will cover any expenses you might be held liable for if someone is injured on your property. The expenses incurred because of an injury can get very expensive. These expenses can leave you financially vulnerable without insurance coverage. 

A Note On Flood Insurance

It is important to note that most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover flood damage. This is usually an added policy. 

If you would like to learn more about homeowner’s insurance, please call Coastal Premier Insurance Group serving Boca Raton, FL, and surrounding areas. 

How can umbrella insurance protect someone?

Making sure that you have proper personal insurance at all times is very important. When you are in the Boca Raton, FL area, one form of insurance that is very important to have is personal liability insurance protection. If you are looking to improve your personal liability insurance protection, upgrading to an umbrella insurance policy can be a great idea. An umbrella insurance policy can protect someone in many different ways.

Provides Coverage for Wide Range of Risks

One advantage of an umbrella insurance policy is that it can provide you with coverage for a wider range of risks. If you have an umbrella insurance policy, it will give you coverage for many different situations and scenarios that could result in a liability claim. This tends to be more inclusive than the coverage you’d get from a home or auto policy.

Gives Coverage for More Serious Events

Most of the time, someone will have some liability insurance coverage in their home and auto policies. However, if there is a situation where you cause an accident that comes with a very significant amount of damages, the insurance policy limit may be met. In these cases, having additional umbrella insurance coverage is a great option. With this insurance coverage, you will have protection on top of the base policies to cover larger claims. 

Ultimately, picking an umbrella insurance policy is a good idea for anyone that would like the peace of mind that comes with additional personal liability insurance. When you are searching for a new policy, you should call the Coastal Premier Insurance Group. The professionals at the Coastal Premier Insurance Group have helped people all over the Boca Raton, FL area determine their personal liability insurance needs. Based on this assessment, they can then help you to get a policy that provides the right liability coverage. 

Does My Food Truck Need Commercial Insurance?

A food truck is required to carry auto insurance, but commercial insurance is actually not legally mandated. It’s not always wise to run a business without any commercial insurance, but you are not legally required to carry commercial insurance.

Sounds great, but let’s consider the liability concerns that go into running a food truck. What happens if your fridge goes out, your food spoils, and you unknowingly give someone food poisoning? What if someone turns out to be allergic to one of your ingredients? What if you’re in an accident and the other party has a creative lawyer who chooses not to settle for your auto insurer’s payout and wants to go after your business?

It all comes down to liability, and a food truck invites more liability than you want to cover out of pocket.

It is also worth considering that not all auto insurers will cover something like a food truck. This means that, while your truck might not be legally required to carry commercial insurance, that may wind up being your only option all the same.

Put simply: You are not required to carry commercial insurance for any business, but going without insurance on a food truck is just asking for trouble. Sooner or later, something will go wrong, and you don’t want to lose your business as a result. Insurance is, after all, there to protect you from these things.

If you run a food truck feeding the hungry people of Boca Raton, FL, give Coastal Premier Insurance Group a call. Boca Raton, FL has a thriving food truck scene so Coastal Premier Insurance Group knows just what you’re looking for in a commercial insurance company.

Questions to Ask Before Buying Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance can provide extra financial protection. When a claim exceeds the limits of your primary insurance coverage, umbrella insurance will pay the difference. This is also known as catastrophic insurance. Umbrella insurance is one of our many offerings at Coastal Premier Insurance Group in Boca Raton, FL.

What is Covered and for How Much?

Coverage limits for umbrella policies usually range from one to five million for personal umbrella insurance and up to fifteen million for commercial insurance. It’s also important to know what is covered. Umbrella policies sometimes cover situations not covered by your primary policy. However, umbrella policies often have some exclusions just like primary policies.

Where Am I Covered?

Are you covered in other states? How about other countries? Most policies will cover you anywhere in the U.S., and some policies will provide coverage no matter where you are. If you frequently travel abroad, what happens if your property is destroyed or you are liable for damages? 

What Is Required for Coverage?

To qualify for an umbrella policy, your primary policy has to meet certain coverage limits. It’s important to be sure that your primary policy meets the requirements when buying an umbrella policy. 

Are Family Members Covered?

Generally, umbrella insurance will cover the other members of your household. However, if they have an insurance policy under their own name, they may not be covered under your umbrella insurance. For example, your mother lives with you. She has her own auto insurance policy. Your umbrella policy may not cover her in the event of an auto accident.

Umbrella insurance is a great way to help you protect your assets and future earnings. Litigation is very common, and lawsuits can be financially devastating without the right coverage. In Boca Raton, FL, you can count on Coastal Premier Insurance Group for your umbrella policy needs. 

Will Boca Raton, FL Umbrella Insurance Help Pay After a Car Accident?

Our team at Coastal Premier Insurance Group is proud to work with a number of Boca Raton FL residents and car owners to help them get them the right insurance coverage for their needs. One type of coverage that is less well-known but offers some significant advantages is umbrella insurance — and the one area where it most often comes in handy is in auto accidents.

Will Boca Raton, FL Umbrella Insurance Help Pay After a Car Accident?    

Short answer: Absolutely!

Umbrella insurance is insurance designed to protect policyholders from large and sometimes devastating liability claims or judgments. This type of insurance policy typically covers bodily injury, personal injury, property damage, and landlord liability, and what’s unique about it is that it covers it all.

This is because unlike an auto policy that only comes in play for automobile-related accidents or homeowner’s insurance that only comes in play for property-related accidents, an umbrella insurance policy can come into play in any such situation. This specialized policy will come into effect whenever any underlying liability limits, such as those from your auto insurance policy, have been met but the damages or lawsuit claims have not. 

So, for example, if you are in a car accident that was all or mostly your fault and your automotive policy won’t cover all the other driver’s property damages, then your umbrella insurance policy will enact. If your automotive policy limit offers to $50,000 property damage but the other driver seeks out $75,000 worth of claims, then your automotive insurance will pay the $50,000 and your umbrella insurance will cover the remaining $25,000 (or up to its own policy limits). 

Learn More About Umbrella Insurance

Contact our team at Coastal Premier Insurance Group to more about how umbrella insurance policies can come in real handy.

Does Home Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

It is important to know the terms and conditions associated with home insurance. Many places are prone to hail damage, especially during the spring and summer months. Before the warm weather moves in, make sure to know if you are protected against storm damage, including hail. This type of damage can be extensive and impact more than just the roof of the home.

Hail Damage Protection

In most instances, the home insurance policy will cover hail damage up to the set terms of the policy. Know what those limits are, and if necessary, purchase additional insurance coverage to prevent gaps. Before settling on a policy, thoroughly discuss what is covered, and get advice from a trusted insurance professional. Most experienced insurance agents can help guide their customers through the policy selection process according to their current needs. Additionally, they can also suggest ways to add any additional coverage to customize protection. 

Quality Insurance Services

Part of getting a blanket of protection is having access to insight and knowledge from a helpful, experienced insurance agent. The Coastal Premier Insurance Group, serving the residents of Boca Raton, FL can help those who are currently shopping for top protection from damage as a result of storms and other risks. They can help outline your needs and offer top quality insurance products that can match those needs. This is the best way to get the coverage necessary to have year-round security.

Don’t wait until the risk of weather damage is present. Get the top insurance coverage you need now with the help of The Coastal Premier Insurance Group. They are looking forward to helping residents around the Boca Raton, FL area have peace of mind. Call or stop in today for more details. 

Do Working Farms Need Umbrella Insurance?

Owning a working farm poses challenges and unique risks to those who work or visit there. In order to provide enough coverage against liability, this type of business needs to have special umbrella insurance. This policy will protect against harm or injury sustained while people and property are located on the site. 

Umbrella Coverage for Farms

Anyone who owns a farm should definitely have an umbrella policy in place. Workers are required to help manage and run a working farm, and as a result, there are additional liability dangers at every turn. Having the right type of umbrella policy will cover any legal expenses and more. To begin finding umbrella insurance that suits a particular situation, consult with an insurance agent who has experience helping farm owners get the coverage they need. 

Work With an Agency That Delivers Results

Not all agencies are alike, which is why working with a top insurance agency is imperative. Those who live near the Boca Raton FL area can count on Coastal Premier Insurance Group to work with them to discover umbrella policy options that work for each individual and can help limit the impact of covered claims. Coastal Premier Insurance Group can work closely with clients to discover options that work best for every situation and help prevent gaps in coverage. Get the coverage necessary to avoid losses for residents of the Boca Raton, FL area. 

Farm owners have special needs that other businesses don’t, which is why it pays to work with a skilled insurance agency able to provide high-quality insurance products to its clients. Call or stop by Coastal Premier Insurance Group, serving the Boca Raton, FL area, and discover more about comprehensive insurance products designed to deliver security. 

Homeowners: Your First Home Purchase

Making your first home purchase can be an enjoyable process.  The purchase can be one of your largest and knowing the steps involved is a smart way to prepare.  There are helpful resources available online with each step outlined for how to best prepare.  This can be nicer for first-time homebuyers making their big purchase with contracts and money exchanges.  One of the simplest steps to get through can be planning for home insurance.  Serving the Boca Raton, FL area, Coastal Premier Insurance Group is available to answer your questions about insurance and the process involved when buying your first home.  This experience can be helpful and the friendly staff is able to walk you through any paperwork needed for the purchasing process.

The excitement of buying a new home can help people get better organized for the moving process.  Determining the available move-in date is easier with some of the paperwork completed.  Organizing your move is simpler with a few tips for preparing your belongings and arranging how you want to pack everything.  Knowing what you will need after moving in can make it easier for packing and unloading all of your items into your new home.

You can call Coastal Premier Insurance Group once you decide to purchase a home or when you are preparing any paperwork needed for the closing of your home loan.  Your purchase is an exciting real estate investment and you can be proud of your work to get the process moving along.  Preparing for the move can be simpler with more of the steps completed.  Boca Raton, FL is proud to have our first-time homeowners successful with their new purchases.  Contact the agency with any questions or visit our office to discuss your home insurance options. 

Does My Business Need Fleet Insurance?

Most small businesses don’t need a fleet of vehicles to operate their business. A service-oriented business, on the other hand, may need several vehicles to ensure that all of their customers receive attention in a timely manner. Because it is easier to ensure vehicles as a group instead of one at a time, fleet policies are available. At Coastal Premier Insurance Group, agents help business owners in Boca Raton, FL get the fleet insurance they need to protect each of their vehicles.

Two Or More Vehicles

If your business only has one or two vehicles, insuring them separately isn’t a big deal. When you have three or more, on the other hand, insuring them as a group is the best way to make sure each vehicle has the same amount of coverage and is fully protected. Just like when an individual has two or more vehicles and all of them are put together on the same policy, your business may qualify for a multi-car "discount". 

Easier to Manage

Having fleet insurance is the best way to protect all of your company’s vehicles at one time. With all of your vehicles on one policy, there is only one premium payment. Each car is registered on the policy and has the same coverage as all of the other vehicles.

If you own a business in Boca Raton, FL and need to know more about fleet insurance and how it can help your business, call the agents of Coastal Premier Insurance Group today. They can explain the benefits of fleet insurance and how having one policy will save you both time and money. Call today and talk to an agent!!